The mission for this class is to identify, analyze and map the presence of informal creative practices, cultural events and venues within select neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area (according to the students’ individual preferences). The objective is to better understand levels of access and opportunities for cultural participation.

Topics involved: Psychogeography, Psychogeophysics, Cartography, Infographics, Cognitive Mapping, Ecology, Sociobiology, Biomimicry, Network Theory, Cultural Asset Mapping, Urban Design, Experience Design, Urban farming, Social Permaculture, and Sustainable practices among others.

This course will adapt and respond to shifting circumstances over the duration of the semester and thus, students are expected to remain flexible.

The Class is divided in 3 modules: The Past [The Present Manifested], The Present [The Present Manifesting], and The Future [The Present to be Manifested].


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