Organs / Maps / Visits

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 4.20.23 AM

Gozde: Tenderloin Museum —> made contact
Ana: Emory Douglas Black Panthers/Richmond/Cartography of Bay Area Counter-cultures —> in progress
Greta: Red Poppy Art House —> pending presentation
Weilai: Sutro Baths —> pending presentation
Zoe: Chinese Cultural Center —> made contact/now changing in progress
Simon: TBA —> TBA
Tony: Popos/Urban Sanctuaries —> pending
Subhrajit: Pier 24 —> pending presentation
Emily: Facebook AIR (recommended readings by her: 1, 2, and 3) —> in progress

Final Presentation:
Ana Maria Montenegro Jaramillo+ Simon Garcia-Minaur: Open Territories
Greta L. Anderson: Red Poppy Art House
Weilai Lu: Sutro Baths
Tony Foster: Popos/Urban Sanctuaries
Subhrajit Battha: Pier 24
Emily Alexander: Facebook AIR
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